Wednesday, January 5, 2011

special delivery

I was not expecting this package until next week, especially considering the Italian holiday tomorrow, but it came, brightening an otherwise gray day.

I ordered it from Fernandina Fibers on Etsy, and she ships more quickly than anyone else I've ordered from in the US.

This lovely Art Gallery fabric is the last bit I needed for my lovely Art Gallery quilt. In mid-December, I finally came up with the final design in my quilt notebook and, after calculating the amount of fabric I'd need for the piecework, sashing, binding and back, I realized I'd need to order more. (Like the 9 square quilt, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.)

As eager as I am to play with the Art Gallery fabric, it will have to wait. I have promised my five-year-old a quilt, and this fun fabric is for that. He and I have come up with a few designs, but nothing definitive as of yet. Now that the fabric is here, I think it will be easier for us.

I didn't realize I ordered so much of it! I also have some solids arriving any day now, so we will definitely be able to do something really great with all this fabric.

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