Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the room to which i steal away

This is our spare room. It used to be the quiet little bedroom where our au pair slept, but it has been empty since my youngest started preschool, and so I've reclaimed it.

It has a sloping roof and one small window, which make it one of the darkest rooms in our house, but it is a cozy little room, perfect for sorting through fabric and thinking.

During the week, the only time I have for stitching is after the boys are in bed, and this room is just across the hall from them. We live in a converted barn, and our part of the building is where the hay used to be stored. Downstairs was where the animals lived, and another family lives there now. Their three-year-old daughter sleeps just below this room, and I don't like to use my sewing machine after my boys and their daughter are in bed because it's so noisy in the quiet of the night.

Which means more hand stitching!

The pattern is from Kata Golda's "Hand-Stitched Felt", and I think I've made about a dozen of these little creatures - maybe more - since September. Most are for the Christmas market at my sons' school to raise money for school supplies and furniture (small, simple, wooden beds for the small children) but I've already given some away to the daughters of friends. These little mice and bunnies are so easy to make and so hard to hold on to.

Sadly, I'm out of polyfill, so these gals won't be finished until after Thursday, when I'll be picking some up at the fabric & yarn store. Not sure yet if I will take them to market or give them away.

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