Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I have quite possibly a few too many projects going on.

I cut out some squares for my Blimunda quilt to get an idea of what the blocks will look like, and I really do like the vintage look the fabrics have together, although when it's done it will look like nothing like a real Blimunda quilt by Barbara. The colors I have chosen are too drab in comparison, but I think it will be a nice starter quilt anyway.

I am also working on some felt bags for our babysitter to give her younger cousins at Christmas. They are two shades of pink which the babysitter picked out and the felt is so easy to cut and stitch and assemble, but I am hand stitching little appliques on them and that takes time. I am almost done with the first, but am still deciding what to do for the second.

While I mull over that ... I have started in on the Christmas stockings for my boys! My grandmother knitted them personalized wool stockings, which we left at my parents' house last year, so I am making them a couple of felt stockings to get us through this Christmas. It's just not Christmas without stockings. I have all the material, and have pretty much finished one, only it needs to be stitched together and I still need to attach five little bells. And then I'll get to work on the other.

And the French rag doll book I ordered on Etsy came last weekend and I love it. I have my patterns cut out and ready and I am set to begin. If only I had more time!

But today I have some work to do, some special pasta sauce and a birthday cake to make for my son who's turning two today, and the house to get in order...

The quilt - and everything else - will just have to wait.

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